2014 NJ Golden Gloves Team

Las Vegas Nevada

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Upcoming Events:


NJ Golden Gloves  vs.  New York G.G .  

October, 16th 2014 - NYAC-  Thursday

(Closed Show)


National Golden Gloves Tournament   

Las Vegas Nevada, May 11th – 18th


NJ Golden Gloves  vs.  Pennsylvania G.G.  

July 18th, 2014  Allentown PA


Ringside National Tournament    Kansas City  

July 28th – August 4th, 2014


Jersey City Puerto Rican Heritage Festival


NJ Golden Gloves  vs.  New York G.G .  

October, 16th 2014 - NYC  Thursday (Closed Show)


2014  Tournament Championship Results

* April 12th – Saturday – 7 PM – Pershing Field Ice Rink –

201 Central Ave./807 Summit Ave., Jersey City


5 JO/Open/FINALS – Nasig Tasbah Jones (Unattached) over

Damani Wilson (JC Heavy Hitters) – W-3


114 Open/FINALS – Keynon Sessoms (Elite Heat BC) WALKOVER WINNER


123 Open/FINALS – Jonel Lorenzo (Elite Heat BC) over

Cesar Ventura (Faceoff BC) – W-3


132 Open/FINALS – Steven Ortiz (Guts & Glory) WALKOVER WINNER


141 Open/FINALS – Juan Nunez (DMG School of Boxing) over

Jaquan Smith (Aspira BC) – W-3


152 Open/FINALS – Robert Terry (Bayonne PAL) over

Isaiah Castanon (Garden State School of Boxing) – W-3


165 Open/FINALS – Ian Green (Elite Heat BC) over

Andrew Salas (Zealous Nation) – W-3


178 Open/FINALS – Tyshan Murray (Elizabeth Rec) over

Jonathan Mosley (Aspira BC) – W-3


201 Open/FINALS – Michael Hilton (Ike Williams BC) over

Leon Johnson (Elite Heat BC) – W-3


201+ Open/FINALS – Ignacio Camacho (Faceoff BC) over

Daniel Mansfield (Dover BC) – W-3


132 Novice/FINALS – Tony Rivera (Jersey City Rec) over

Denzel Stevens (Jersey City Rec) – W-3


141 Novice/FINALS – Michael Lee (Ringside BC) over

George Gethers (JC Heavy Hitters) – W-3


152 Novice/Final – Saleem Kelly ( Middletown PAL) over

Walkover Champion-(4 wins during the tournament)


201 Novice/FINALS – Gracian Szymczak (Bayonne PAL) over

John Zapata (Zealous Nation) – W-3


201+ Novice/FINALS – Juanito Joseph (Loyalty BC) over

Nicoy Clark (Renegade BC) – W-3


119 JO/FINALS – Josue Rios (Unattached) over

Shinard Bunch (Goss & Goss) – W-3


123 Sub/Nov/FINALS – Richard Bermudez (Middletown PAL) over

Stephen Novis (Aces BC-Joe) – W-3


132 Sub/Nov/FINALS – Jeremiah Bermudez (Lightsout BC) over

Christian Castro (Middletown PAL) – W-3


141 Sub/Nov/FINALS – Christopher Ortega (Loyalty BC) over

Aaron Terry (Elite Heat BC) – W-3


152 Sub/Nov/FINALS – Andy Bentance (Bergen County PAL) over

Dayvon Cowans (Aspira BC) – W-3


201+ Sub/Nov/FINALS – Jesse Reynolds (Checkmate BC) over

Kevin Mananzan (Elite Heat BC) – TKO-1 (1:54)


114 Nov/FINALS – Anthony Johns (Aspira BC) over

Janrod Lyles (Elite Heat BC) – W-3


152 Nov – John DeAngelis (IBEW Local 164) over

Alexander Novis (Aces BC-Joe) – W-3


165 Nov/FINALS – Bryan Giraldo (Loyalty BC) over

Andrew Montoya (Dover BC) – W-3


141 Open – Daniel Murray (Middletown PAL) over

Nicolas Vitone (Aces BC-Joe) – W-3




What is Golden Gloves?

The Golden Gloves is the name given to annual competitions for amateur boxing in the United States. The Golden Gloves is often the term used to refer to the National Golden Gloves competition, but it also can represent several other amateur tournaments, including regional golden gloves tournaments and other notable tournaments such as the Intercity Golden Gloves, the Chicago Golden Gloves, and the New York Golden Gloves.

The national contest is sponsored and controlled by the Golden Gloves Association of America, Inc. Winners from regional Golden Gloves competitions compete in the national competition, called the Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions. The Tournament of Champions is held once a year, and a new tournament site is selected annually. The US Golden Gloves program is currently organized on a territorial basis to give all sections of the country representation. All tournaments are planned, promoted and directed by the Golden Gloves Charities and within the limits of the strict amateur boxing code.

Many former Golden Gloves® amateur boxing champions have gone on to become outstanding boxers and role models in our country. Former Heavyweight Champion of the World, Joe Louis was a Golden Gloves Champion in 1934. Many other champions including Muhammad Ali (1960); Sugar Ray Leonard (1973); “Marvelous” Marvin Hagler (1973); Michael Spinks (1974); Thomas “Hitman” Hearns (1977); Johnny Tapia (1984); Mike Tyson (1984); Evander Holyfield (1984); Oscar De La Hoya (1989) and Jermain Taylor (1998 and 1999) all got their start in the Golden Gloves tournaments.